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     UHIA CEO Luncheon 

UHIA CEO's Luncheon and Legislator Award Banquet



UHIA wil hold its CEO Luncheon this year on October 9th at Noon at the Flemming Steak House in downtown Salt Lake City. Our guest of honor will be Congressman Ben McAdams of the Fourth Congresssional District. Congressman McAdams will be brief those gathered on the latest news regarding health care reform. 


DATE:     October 9, 2019

TIME:      11:30 am to 1:30 pm

PLACE:    Flemings Steak House

                 The Gateway

                  20 South 400 W
                  Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Please register by clicking the link below. Each member company will be invoiced for the cost of the event based on the number of people attending from your shop. Also, the cost of staff (2) and the Congressman's delegation (2) will be absorbed on a per capita basis upon completion of the event. Estimated cost per attendee $110.00





Occasionally the UHIA meets with the CEOs of the member companies. These gifted and talented men and women have worked together to create one of the most competitive marketplaces in the United States. As a result, Utah has the lowest health insurance premiums in the nation.


The last event was held October 25, 2016, at Flemings Steakhouse Restaurant in the Gateway Mall. 


The UHIA's special guest was the Honorable Greg Hughes, Speaker of the House.  The Salt Lake Tribune published an article announcing Hughes' election to the Speaker's chair by stating, "In each of his stylish suits and fashionable shirts, Greg Hughes has had the letters "LB" stitched into the fabric. It stands for "Lucky Bastard" and serves as a reminder of where he came from and the life he now enjoys. Hughes never knew his father. His mother was a go-go dancer and art student, and her son grew up in blue-collar, rough-and-tumble neighborhoods, slugging his way through childhood with flailing fists and bloodied lips.He survived brawls and boxing bouts, a car crash that crushed both his legs, allegations of ethical misconduct that threatened his political career and now is poised to be sworn in as the next Speaker of the Utah House."


The luncheon was enjoyable and the membership was indeed honored to have the Speaker of the House as our special guest.


UHIA paid tribute to the contributions made by four leaders who have served UHIA long and well and advanced its agenda, David Leo, John Neville, Ryan Smart, and Joan Ogden. 



Previous UHIA's Recipents of the Legisaltor of the Year Award


Representative Jim Dunnigan

Senator Deidre Henderson



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Senator Todd Weiler



Senator Dan Liljenquist

Representative Jim Dunnigan



Representative Jim Dunnigan

President Michael Waddoups



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Senator Howard Stephenson



Representative Dave Clark

Senator Sheldon Killpack



Representative Mark Walker

Senator Sheldon Killpack



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Representative Becky Lockhart

Senator Curtis Bramble



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Representative Becky Lockhart

Senator Ron Allen

Senator Gregory Bell



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Senator Al Mansell



Representative Jim Dunnigan

Senator Howard Stephenson



Representative Becky Lockhart

Senator L. Steven Poulton



Representative Becky Lockhart

Senator Leonard Blackham

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